• As soon as I got the question from my client to visualize my proposal better I realized I needed to contact Simon. And this paid off. With minimal input he created a conceptual design for one of our Phytobac projects. And how! As soon as I presented these pictures the project was a fact. Simon's pictures paved the way, and they still do. Excellent!
    Sander Koster
    —Sander Koster
    Project engineer at Beutech Agro
  • Simon is an open-minded and creative professional, who is both a reliable person in every respect and a great inspiration to his direct environment. In a team, Simon will bring both relevant content, as well as extremely good atmosphere.
    Erik Jonker
    —Erik Jonker
    Account Manager at Saab Technologies BV
  • Origineel en uiterst precies. Een topper die nooit teleurstelt.
    Erwin Lazet
    —Erwin Lazet
    Enterprise- & solution architect at Lazet IT
  • Simon knows how to create an effective and good looking product/service. Give him a description of the concept, after some feedback & questions from his side he will be able to work it out in fine detail and shape it in the right context. He is a good listener. Communication with Simon is very direct and responsive, which ensures sufficient progress and quick solutions. It is pleasant to work with him, because of the perfect mix between seriousness and humor in the work. Creativity is his middle name.
    Meindert  Z.
    —Meindert Z.
    Diretor, marketing e vendas de Thales Holandês
  • Simon is een creatieve ontwerper die voor Civity een algemeen concept op een fraaie manier heeft omgezet in een concrete animatie. Het is prettig samenwerken met Simon en het resultaat staat bij hem voorop. Hij is pas tevreden als alle details kloppen!
    Arjen Hof
    —Arjen Hof
    Directeur at Civity
  • I work with Simon already for some years, first as colleagues at Thales NL, now we hire Simon frequently as visual artist from Brown's Castle. Key words: first of all CREATIVE (in capitals!), good listener, analyst, precise, keeps up to his promises, delivers quality. Simon worked successfully within various teams in different disciplines: industrial design, user interface design, virtual prototyping, animations, graphical design,... And last but not least: it is always a pleasure to work with Simon. I can highly recommend him! Jan Kees Schakel
    —Jan Kees Schakel
    Manager Bid & Proposal Management group at Thales

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